5G – for the better


When we think of 5G technology, we think of downloading a 4K video in an instant, or maybe even being chauffeured around by driverless cars – but there’s more to it than that. 

5G technology is set to become a General Purpose Technology (GPT), yes, it will have a purpose. GPTs are technologies that make a significant impact to our lives and economy, such as the internet and automobiles. One of those many purposes is for 5G technology to enable us to do more. The technology speaks seamlessly to multiple devices in real time.

So how can this technology be used to make a difference?

O2 are working with Samsung on a trial with the NHS ambulances to prove how 5G can transform lives. The trial will simulate emergency situations, where paramedics will provide the necessary care on the scene, with real-time video links to consultants advising and supporting them.

5G is much faster than 4G, making these kinds of connections more reliable and simultaneous. 

The NHS is already using technology to help patients to better track their conditions. For example, an app that allows patients with epilepsy to report seizures, medication intake, lifestyle events and more, reporting back to their doctor who can then feedback advice to the patient.

In short, 5G has the capability to improve how businesses work, how we run our everyday lives, how the NHS can support patients and so much more. We’re excited to see what the 5G future can bring! 

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