A trip to Barcelona!


At 9 we value our people and realise the importance of office culture and recognising hard work and success.

We recently ran an internal incentive where the team were set targets and when they reached them they could pick a number from the board. This number would represent a prize that would be handed out at an all staff meeting in the following months.

The top prize was for a European city break and all employees that met their target had a chance of winning it. Other prizes included a Spa day, Escape room, Indoor Skydiving and many more.  

Senior Customer Service Advisor, Tyra Forbes, was the lucky winner of the top prize and decided Barcelona was the destination of her choice! We spoke to Tyra to see how being rewarded with a trip to Barcelona felt…

What kind of atmosphere did the competition create?

The prizes created a buzz in the office, as it pushed people to work even harder to achieve things outside of their normal day to day tasks.

How did you feel when you won the top prize?

Very shocked as I wanted my team members to have the points and because I do not normally win prizes in games.

What made you choose Barcelona?

Watching films and listening to peoples’ views on the city, Barcelona was somewhere I thought would be nice place to visit.

How did you spend your well-deserved break and what was your favourite part?

I spent in on the outskirts of the city enjoying both the city rush and the local parts of Spain. My favourite part was just being a local/tourist; riding the trains and metro around the city and visiting the beaches, cathedrals and shopping malls.

What’s your favourite part about working for 9?

The environment and atmosphere of the office and the friendly team members I work with.

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