Augmented Reality can transform the way businesses work


Microsoft has made huge advancements in the augmented reality arena with a headset designed for improving efficiency in workplaces. Augmented reality is a mixture between reality and super-imposed animated graphics, which is different to virtual reality where the wearer is taken to an entirely different and virtual world. 

Why is this useful?

Can you imagine a time where you could put on a headset and be able to fix an aircraft engine fault? The HoloLens 2 has made the impossible, possible. This augmented reality headset allows you to be an expert at everything and anything. Microsoft has said it can be used for anything from baking a batch of cookies, to fixing an aircraft engine fault. 

It works by placing virtual reality in front of you by using graphics, such as an arrow directing you to an area and a circle which appears around the tool you should use. The view can be controlled via an app, where the app user can mark-up graphics which are seen via the headset. You could be in the office and on a construction site at the same time. 

This product has only been developed for businesses at this stage and can be used for companies such as contractors on construction sites. Microsoft has said their team, an example might be building custom devices to work with hard hats.

So, how could this technology transform the way your business works? Maybe by allowing you to quickly respond to a customer’s fault by being able to view hardware from an app, while instructing them how to fix it via the headset. 

With the Microsoft HoloLens 2 now available for pre-order, is it something you would use for your business?

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