2020 Predictions


Another year draws to a close, offering us an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months, along with planning for the year ahead. 9’s Managing Director Adam Cathcart shares his thoughts around 2020 below along with what it means for our Partners.

Are you confident about the year ahead?

Really confident. The accelerating growth in migrations to SIP and hosted IP telephony presents a fabulous opportunity for us to provide real world assistance to our Partners, enabling them to secure and develop future margin streams.

Having seen thirteen consecutive quarters of growth in this area, we have good reason to be bullish regarding our plans for 2020.

What new technologies really excite you?

We are seeing real opportunities for Partners in mobile add on sales. Whether this be hardware as a service, mobile device management or M2M solutions, the range of potential new opportunities around mobility is genuinely exciting.

How can 9 support Partners to achieve their goals in 2020?

Our ability to deliver tailored hands on sales support, rather than formulaic, one size fits all advice. We can work side by side with our Partners to show them how to sell new technology solutions, tap in to new revenue streams and underpin this with our award winning marketing support so they can uncover new business opportunities.

What’s your big idea for the year ahead?

The markets served by our Partners are increasingly complex and demanding. We see a real advantage in being able to offer structured business planning support to help plot how to maximise the chances of success. For example, we can advise our Partners on the financial planning required to adapt to an increasingly OPEX revenue model.

How confident are you about the year ahead? Do you have positive plans underway to grow your business? If you would like to find out how 9 can support you, get in touch. Reply to this email or have a chat with your Partner Business Manager.

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