5 ways to utilise customer feedback 


1. Send personalised responses

The first action after you’ve collected results is to take the time to personally respond to those who took the time to complete the questions. Time is incredibly precious to us all, the fact that your customers have chosen to respond to your survey should be acknowledged and appreciated.


2. Identify strength areas

Now you have the feedback, it’s time to delve into what the information is telling you. Firstly, start with the positives, what are the recurring themes when it comes to what your business does well. Recognising what you and your team do well is just as important as understanding what you could be better at.


3. Identify improvement areas

For balance, it is also hugely beneficial to look at the common improvement areas that come to light in your responses. This type of feedback is your customers directly telling you how you can make them happier – listening and acting on this is absolutely key to gaining long-term customer loyalty.


4. Set clear, measurable goals

You’ve analysed your strengths and areas to improve, now it’s time for action. How are you going to make sure that the next time you send out a survey your improvement areas become your strengths? By making clear and measurable goals, you can put steps in place to show you’re listening and responding to your customers’ feedback.


5. Communicate your goals within your business

Improvement is a team effort; in order to succeed you need everyone in your business to know what the goals are and exactly how you are collectively going to achieve them. When everyone feels they have a part to play, it will make achieving and sustaining those goals far more likely.