Sales techniques in the current climate


With home working now ubiquitous for so many organisations, do you believe that your sales teams can operate effectively from home and what steps have you taken to enable and equip your sales teams to sell remotely?

Anna Roper, 9’s Sales Director tells us:

“Communication is more important than ever, and like most organisations we’ve had to adapt our style to fit with the current climate.

Most sales people are social creatures, but having a screen between you and your prospect can strip away some of your best techniques. Provide training and support and equip your team with the right tools for the job. We have developed a web based brochure which allows our team to share and capture information.

Marketing plays a vital role in commanding attention from a distance.  Customers gravitate towards content that has meaning and relevance, so carefully tailor the tone of your messaging to the current climate.

Placement is as important as the message itself. Digital Marketing has become a priority for us and many of our Partners. We have been providing support and advice on how to succeed in this space during lockdown.

As ever, demonstrating value throughout the process is vital. Be crystal clear about your prospect’s individual circumstances and offer a personalised proposal, which is a genuine fit with their current challenges.”


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