A day in the life of …


Riyaz Bhaiyat, Head of Customer Relations at 9 Group

The early bird catches the worm

Its 6:00 and I’m sure most people wake to their alarm clock and if you’re lucky to the beautiful sound of singing birds. My day starts with my cat Leo jumping on my face and signalling that it’s time for food.

Being a creature of habit, after a pot protein yoghurt with granola I’m off to head into nature to wake up my body and mind. You can get a glimpse of the beautiful fields that I am surrounded by in the picture. A morning walk has now become a practice that I intend to take with me into this post COVID world. Not only do I take in nature, but I use these 30-60 minutes to practice some positive affirmations. A simple phrase of “I am calm, I am happy, I am stress free” helps me to prepare my mind for the day.

Once I am back in doors it’s time to do a quick at home weights session. Push ups are my new best friend. After working my body and mind I finally work my soul with some mantra meditation. “Om Mani Padmi Hum” – A Buddhist mantra designed to promote compassion.

Starting the working day on the right foot

It’s 8.30 and we are ready for the workday. We certainly have become familiar with a whole host of technologies during this lockdown and the first one I like to use is WhatsApp and WhatsApp groups. I find it useful to be able to say good morning to the team in the morning and just pass quick messages back and forth to let each other know how we are getting on. It certainly is the next best thing to giving high 5’s all around first thing in the morning. Gifs are always a winner.

Technologies to keep teams connected

Technology has truly changed the way we live and Microsoft Teams is something which has really helped us all to connect during lockdown. It’s something that I often wax lyrical about when speaking with customers.

Being in the Customer Relations team, we are always having conversations with customers to talk about how we are adapting but also how we can help their businesses to respond to the current crisis using technology such as Microsoft Teams. By arranging Teams meeting with customers we can demonstrate the expertise we have as well as showcasing the new technology available. Features such as work planning and screen sharing have evolved the way we work in a really positive way, and Microsoft are constantly adding new features and functionality which are making the tool event more appealing.

Time for lunch

Did anyone hear that? I am pretty sure it was the sound of my belly rumbling meaning its lunch time! One of the things that I have truly grown to love during lockdown is cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. Working from home has given me that extra time to be able to prepare fresh lunches. You can

peek at my Vegetarian Kidney Bean Chilli served with fresh Rice in the photo. Looking forward to getting back to work with my colleagues so I can share the goodness.

The afternoon

Finishing up the afternoon with more customer queries which can include anything from upgrading their internet service, talking about business continuity options, to having a conversation with customer George on how he’s looking forward to a spot of golf tomorrow – I got very jealous at this point.

Variety is the spice of life and I get plenty of it by heading up the Customer Relations team. A Teams call with my colleagues in other departments and chat to discuss a recent order with my team, and the workday will shortly come to an end.

Back to nature

This is where I would like to say I put my feet up and stick the telly on but its back out to nature for a quick after work wind down. If I’m fortunate enough for it to be Tuesday or Thursday then I get to do some tele mentoring through an organisation called Greenhouse Mentoring local to Luton. I get to work with a great bunch of youngsters that I learn a great deal from. Its safe to say that it feels like I am the one receiving mentoring at times.

Thank you for taking a journey into a day with me. Let’s all stay connected, stay safe and most importantly stay happy.









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