A day in the life of…

Julia Paterson

Julia Paterson, Partner Business Manager

Ring the alarm

It’s 04:50am on Monday morning and whilst the world sleeps in lockdown, my morning starts now with my first alarm.

Mondays for me are all about gearing up for the day and week ahead, so every Sunday night I pop post-it notes on the front door (yes, I’m old school) and note down all of my son’s school priorities for the week.


Preparing for the week ahead

My second alarm sounded at 05.00am, and this was my time to ‘bolt’ out of bed. After a hectic grassroots weekend with my son Leo, who is 7 years of age, I challenge myself to a 2-mile run on the treadmill.

It’s 07.00am and it’s time to get the tech equipment fired up and remember to put a note on my office door saying ‘video call in progress’ – interestingly, this doesn’t make a difference! Once I’m all set up and my eve desktop has automatically opened, I’m ready for action.

By this time, it is 07.45am and it’s shake-a-leg time for Leo. He needs to be up and ready for home schooling by 08.30. This can often feel like a whole day of work before I even start, but today was a good day. Bitesize on, thank heavens for Twinkl activities! Leo is now ready for the day.


Time for a little Monday motivation

At around 08.30am, I make a call to my Partners who I know will be up and running, and might need a little Monday motivation – you know who you are!

It’s now 09:15am, just in time for our Sales team’s regular call. This is the perfect opportunity to see faces, talk weekend shenanigans and connect. Before lockdown, we had a simple call on a Monday to run through schedules and actions, but now it’s so different. We now meet via video call using eve and I wouldn’t want to look back. This is our ‘new normal’ (most overused and annoying phrase of 2020) and without seeing faces I don’t think we would get as much out of the call.


I’m focused & ready

It’s 09.30 and time to get on with some focused work. I have a video call scheduled with a prospect at 10.00am and following some research

on the company, I’m prepped and ready for the call. This is my chance to listen to them and fully understand whether the wholesale route is the perfect one for them and whether 9 Group can fulfil their needs.

On this particular call, it became apparent from the start that they wanted to focus on selling whilst we supported the back office via our Virtual Office service. I explained that our Virtual Office team would become almost like an extension to their own. We would simply tailor the service to their needs.

Call finished and a video call was set-up with our Head of Virtual Office and the prospect. During the video call, I received some internal messages via eve, and managed to reply during the call – happy days!


Staying virtually connected

Since lockdown, I have definitely spent more time on video calls.  This crazy time has brought us all closer together. Colleagues, partners and families all have a deeper understanding of our lives, our homes and what really makes us tick, which I think can only be a massive positive.

During the past months, I’ve had two video calls that will go down in history as lockdown highlights for me. You know who you are! We simply laughed and laughed. It was almost like a lockdown meltdown but just totally unforgettable.

The best thing about virtual meetings is the ability to multitask and make better use of time with the best technology – I’m able to quickly respond to text messages when on a call, especially for Partners who really appreciate a quick response whenever, wherever. It’s just about adapting to the situation and finding out what works well for you.


Snacks at the ready

Combining work and home schooling has meant investing in a crisp and chocolate factory (certainly feels like that way). I have learnt that the only way to have productive video calls is to ensure that Leo has plenty of food on the go.

The afternoon consists of video calls with Partners – eve desktop and portal run through, margin opportunities with Mobile and refreshed Marketing collateral for a Purple Partner Programme member. I also focussed on completing priority actions before switching off until the morning. You may also see me back on the laptop again in the evening but not on this particular day.


It’s me-time

Laptop closed, it’s now time for a bike ride. A chance to get out of the house, ride to the beach and look at the amazing views of the Isle of Wight – how lucky I am to have those views just down the road?

Back from the beach, it’s time to get Leo into bed. It’s obligatory that we do a ‘’war’’ game before bed and he has to win. I won’t bore you with the detail, let’s just say I tend to let him win at stage one, as it makes the game go so much faster! My Mrs. Hinch prowess begins after ‘war’. I get the Zoflora (Linen Fresh is my thing!), tumble dry sheets (for my pillows) and Febreze out. Only true Hinchers will know what I do next! If you would like a lesson, please let me know.

Once Leo is in bed it’s time to sit down, eat dinner and watch mindless TV which I love! This is definitely my switch-off time. I read my kindle and then set my alarm for 04.50 ready for the next day ahead.


The end!

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