A day in the life of…


Rob Downes, Head of Technical Sales

How long have you been with 9?

I have actually been with 9 Group twice. The first time was for 4 years, starting in 2011 and I returned 2 years ago for a completely different role, 9 has changed a lot since my first time around with only 20 employees originally.



Have you always been interested in Telecoms/IT?

I actually haven’t. Telecoms was something I fell into after leaving University. I was approached by a recruitment company and it just happened to be a really good fit for me. With the advancements with technology over the past few years, it has definitely become more and more interesting and has kept me captivated throughout the years.


How do you start your day?

So, on an average day I wake up about 6am to walk my dog, Chloe the Cockapoo. Followed by a quick check of emails before the hectic school run if I’m not out on the road. Otherwise, I would be out and about, meeting Partners, running webinars or training sessions and would normally stay over.


If you could describe an average working day, what would it be?

My role is split into 2 parts mainly, Partner facing or internally target focussed.

You will catch me either speaking or meeting with Partners, running webinars, talking about Mobile/eve or internally tracking numbers, managing products and targets.


What are the questions that regularly surprise you?

I would say Partners are still trying to understand the move from being a traditional telecoms reseller to offering a fully UC solution. 


What would you say is the main perception of hosted voice are or even eve?

partners eve

There is a reasonable understanding of eve and some Partners are really embracing the product. With many positive voices around the product itself and the branding. Other Partners know that they have to make that move soon and our job at 9 is to help them make that move and support them throughout the journey.



Do you have a favourite feature?

Collaboration, it just makes my life easier, I definitely use this every day. It makes my emails more manageable as I can small talk through the chat function. It also helps with my home life balance, if I need to stay home for any reason, I can still do the day job.


I hear you’ve been dabbling in all things Mobile, is that the case?

I am currently working on helping Partners get more mobile, drive numbers against our targets and help drive our Partners to reach their personal targets.


Have you got anything exciting coming up?

I’ve been working on the overall business strategy, particularly for eve. Focusing on driving numbers to reach our goals and how we can help our Partners achieve theirs.

Whilst also working on eve’s features, polishing existing features to make them as expert as possible and releasing new features.