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Improving Efficiency

What makes us different?

From day one, customers have been at the heart of our business at 9. Our growth is a result of listening to the changing needs of our customers and working with them to provide sensible solutions.

Our telephony solutions

All the phone systems that we install at 9 can be equipped with a range of modern stylish handsets. The latest handsets enable you to do so much more than just make and receive calls and are all designed to make internal and external communications really straightforward and simple.

Colour and touch responsive screens allow a wider spectrum of information to be displayed and accessed quickly, so it really is time for that Rolodex or file of old business cards to make way for modern technology.

It is no longer necessary to keep an instruction manual in the top drawer either, because intelligent handset menus make all the normal call handling tasks intuitive and easy to recall.

A modern phone system can provide real advantages for your business. Why not let 9 show you how?

Modern office

You can find out more about our range of communication, connectivity and IT solutions here and how we will leave you Free to Perform. Better still why not contact us and talk to one of our team about how we can work with you to address your specific requirements.

Get in touch 

It would be fabulous to hear from you, so why not call us or send an e-mail?

Telephone: 0800 970 2999

E-mail: hello@9group.co.uk

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