Benefits of conference calling


Your job should no longer restrict you to your desk; technology allows you to move and travel, giving you the freedom to stay connected, wherever.

Emails, instant chat and text messaging can be great for communicating when out on the move but sometimes you need a quicker solution which involves multiple people. This is where your organisation can benefit from conference calling – it’s easily accessible, no matter the size of your business.

Why you should embrace conference calling

Readily available – Did you know that the majority of phone systems now have a conference call ability built in? So, you might not even have to upgrade your phone systems to benefit.

Stay flexible – Really need to make that meeting but it doesn’t fit with your diary? No problem. Dial in and it’ll be like you’re in the room. With conference calling, you can communicate with people no matter your location. It’s also much easier to arrange a conference call than a meeting for ten people in a singular place.

Simplicity – It really is as simple as dialling a few numbers to join, or clicking a link in some cases (even better), meaning your staff won’t need extensive training to use this tool and can get started straight away.

Connecting with your colleagues or customers without needing to be in the same room can be achievable through conference calling. You’ll save money on fuel, save time on commuting and help limit your carbon footprint by not having to travel from a to b.

 If your phone system doesn’t have this capability or you’re looking to upgrade, get in touch. We have numerous solutions ready to suit your business.

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