Changing The Face Of ICT


An important story about gender diversity is dominating the front cover of this month’s Comms Dealer magazine! The team at 9 is incredibly proud to support and sponsor this initiative. Read the full article now.

The proportion of male to female leaders in the comms sector screams of an alarming gender imbalance that can only impede the industry’s progress and prospects, according to a frank debate on the issue last month that aimed to reset the gender diversity agenda.

The debate included respected business leaders, many who are partners of 9. Together we debated the challenges which exist within the channel today and agreed positive changes that aim to address the obvious gender imbalance.

With the support of our partners, we want to build momentum on this topic through the introduction of a Changing the face of ICT forum. Together we can stamp out gender stereotyping, inspire young people to follow careers in our channel and create opportunities for everyone.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the forum or have a story or idea that you’d like to share, just email

As the market becomes less driven by price and more solution-led, women are in a strong position because of their communication skills and tendency to be empathetic,” she said. “Women can provide a solution and increase turnover. We need to educate male industry leaders on reasons to recruit females. We need to showcase the qualities that women bring.

Joanne Palmer, Legal Director.

As women we have a responsibility and duty of care to one another, and to the younger generations, to show the industry how much better and more successful our businesses and relationships can be.

Anna Roper, Head of Sales, 9 Group.

Rather than contrasting males and females, the industry needs to create opportunities for men and women. Younger people should have an entrepreneurial opportunity in the industry regardless of their gender.

Louise Abbey, Head of Customer Marketing.

We have an obligation to nurture and encourage ambitious females within our own organisations. And it would be great to engage more with schools to show that ICT is an exciting industry for all genders.

Tara Kelman, Commercial Analyst.

Women in ICT Round table