Communication is key

phone showing communication applications on the screen

Businesses need to be easily accessible to customers, we have to think of various factors including what platforms our customers use and what they find the most useful and efficient.


Our top tips: make yourself easily reachable to your customer:

Think about your customer demographics

Who are they, what is their age range and are they tech savvy?

For newer businesses

Website live chats and emails are probably best when dealing with a modern customer. Adding a chat bot to your website or clearly displaying an email address in your “contact us” section shows you can be reached digitally when needed.

For the more established businesses

An email contact is also useful for your customer however most might find it more efficient to simply pick up the phone. By adding your customer service phone line to your website and advertisements, your customers can speak to someone without delay.

For the well established businesses

Phone numbers are again useful for all customers however using the web to find the number could be difficult for some. Try advertising in local or mainstream papers or magazines with your company number clearly displayed so they can get in touch with a method that suits them.

Social media

Whilst most customers are on social media platforms, they are often used for personal reasons rather than communicating with companies. Clearly advertising how to @ or direct message the business on each platform to ask a question or get some information would be useful for everyone.

For the tech savvy

If you really wanted to impress the technical experts then giving them the option to message via WhatsApp may be the fastest way to communicate with them.


We hope you find these tips useful!