COVID-19 Virus – Customer Support Update

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Lockdown measures have eased across the UK and while the initial shock of the crisis is over, the current phase comes with its own challenges. We’re here to support you and would welcome a conversation to understand what we can do to help. Please email or call us on 0800 970 2999 to share your thoughts.

Consistency is key

From day one our goal has been to provide you with excellent service, regardless of the circumstances. The customer feedback you’ve shared has been incredible – there has been a real sense of togetherness throughout the crisis and we’re grateful for your patience and openness.

Home working

While the lockdown restrictions have been eased, some areas have been subject to localised lockdowns. Our Luton office recently responded to a local spike by asking our teams to return to home working.

The right technology allows businesses to adapt at short notice. If you are in an impacted area, or if you’d like to ensure that your business is prepared, we are here to help.

New solutions

As well as offering support with home working, we’ve introduced two new solutions which fit with the current climate.

Access Control

With Access Control, your staff and customers must meet your pre-defined criteria to be granted access to your workplace.

This facial recognition tool is linked with your door entry system and can replace your card reader or entry keypad.

It looks smart and a voice guides the visitor through the entire process, making it non-intrusive and easy to use.

Access Control comes with an inbuilt temperature reader and knows if your visitor is wearing a mask. It remembers and recognises faces. This allows automated access, or it can deny access if the visitor doesn’t meet your criteria, allowing you to protect your workplace.

It also allows you to manage the flow of visitors, which is helpful if you have a maximum number of people which can be allowed in your workplace at one time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Internet usage and video calls have soared during lockdown. You can now set your teams up with access to Microsoft Teams through 9.

We can help you route calls through your phone system to Teams, allowing you to get the most out of your existing set-up.

Please call 0800 970 2999 and select Option 3 to find out how we can protect your business and keep your teams in contact with each other.

Engineering support

The engineering team at 9 is continuing to support customers while following strict social distancing measures. If you require our support don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch

It’s more important than ever that you receive the support and advice you need to manage the demands of your business.

We encourage you to get in touch with our team, if you have any questions. Call 0800 970 2999 or email

James Carroll
Managing Director

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