EE is paving the way for Internet of Things (IoT)


Everyone is talking about IoT. But how will we really use it?

EE have shed light onto how connected-devices can offer great insight into how businesses can improve their operations and be more efficient.

They have developed ‘Auto Mate’, a solution where a simple plug-in device within a vehicle gathers telematics and diagnostics, such as performance, driving patterns and location tracking and reports back to an app or portal. One of the biggest benefits is for companies to identify areas where money can be saved.

From having the option to reward safe driving, or recognising where better fuel efficiency can be achieved, businesses can implement changes for improvement. Auto Mate allows the company to allocate jobs to the nearest team member, saving on fuel and travel time and can alert managers to vehicle faults, due road tax and MOTs.

The device automatically alerts the emergency services in the event of an accident ensuring the safety of the drivers. It’ll notify the desired contact if a vehicle moves unexpectedly, warning the driver or manager by sending an alert straight to their mobile.

This solution can be used for any company with a fleet of vehicles, from estate agents through to hauliers, plumbers, electricians and more.

Technology is ever-evolving and advancing the ways we live and work. Why not take a look at how eve can transform the way your business can work?

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