Email v Instant Messaging

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Is email vanishing and being replaced by instant messaging apps, or is there still a place for both?

The average office worker has a remarkable 121 emails land into their inbox each day. With over 2.9 billion worldwide email users (over a third of the world population), it’s not really surprising.

But that doesn’t mean email is always the quickest, or easiest form of communication.

There are also over 41 million mobile messages sent in one online minute. With WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger leading the way through a combined usage of 2.9 billion users on a monthly basis.

Research has found that Millennials and Gen Z students view email as a formal way of communicating that recognises status and seniority. Whereas instant messaging is a much more personal channel.

So as the future of the workplace changes, this research can really help when adapting the right communication platform for your business. Especially highlighting the benefits of an instant messaging tool, such as:

–       Reducing the number of daily emails

–       Quick responses

–       Easier to express tone of voice

As part of eve’s collaboration feature, instant messaging can be used to make efficient teamwork a reality through a single pane. Chat, content share, white board sessions, pictures, videos, presentations and more can all be achieved through this intuitive platform.

So, do you have a preference?


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