Employee of the Year


We’ve interviewed our Employee of the Year for the Stonehouse office, Vicki Cowperthwaite, to get a glimpse into her success.

How long have you been at 9?

I’ve worked with 9 the past two years, but it’s not my first time here, I started my career out at 9 in 2011 and returned in 2017. I’m now Partner Operations Manager and love my role.

How did you feel to be awarded Employee of the Year?

It’s an honour to be awarded Employee of the Year, although I couldn’t have done it without the support of my team and everyone around me.

What projects did you work on that allowed you to make positive change?

I am normally working on many projects varying in size at once; from internal processes and improving efficiency, to how we work with suppliers and involvement in the new CRM. The CRM was not part of my day job, but I feel that being flexible and agile opens up opportunities. I was able to use my experience, internal and industry knowledge to provide a positive influence for these projects. Whilst projects can mean lots of overtime and hard work, they can be rewarding and an opportunity to learn something new!

What are your favourite things about 9?

What makes 9 is the people that I work with. The support of friends and colleagues means that even in the most stressful of times you can feel supported. 9 also allows you to be flexible and get involved in projects that aren’t written into your job description. I suppose that’s the beauty of working for an entrepreneur like James Palmer, you never know what the day may bring, but that’s what’s exciting and challenging.

When you work hard, you’re rewarded for that at 9. It never goes unnoticed and that makes me feel valued and keen to do more to help.

What advice can you give someone looking to be successful in business life?

Staying positive in the face of adversity! I recommend to anyone that they stay true to their values and beliefs and be heard. Contribute wherever you can, accept responsibility and grab the bull by its horns and run with it. Give yourself an opportunity to develop by doing things that aren’t in your job role. Learn from those with more knowledge and experience than you and treat everyone with the same level of respect. You never know what could be a gateway to something better.

A little bit about you

I’m obsessed with being busy, both in work and in my personal life. I spend lots of time with my fox red Labrador, Finlay, who is the love of my life! I’m a fitness freak and love setting my next goal whether it be marathons or classes. Oh and when I’m not running, I’m baking, you’ve got to get the calories in from somewhere.