Employee of the Year


We’ve interviewed our Employee of the Year for the Luton office, Daria Kilmas, to get a glimpse into her success.

How did you feel to be awarded Employee of the Year?

Appreciated. It’s a great feeling knowing that your hard work is being noticed and recognised by other individuals in the business. It encourages you to continue with your hard work and push even harder.

What are the reasons you were awarded?

The main reason was for delivering a high quality of work consistently. I began my journey at 9 working as a Customer Service Advisor, moving over to working in Installations and Provisioning department and even helping out Credit Control department for a few months. In February 2018 I joined the Customer Relations team and it was at that point that I felt I had found my place at 9, being able to use my skills and qualities to their full potential. I’ve really shown the company that I am a great team player who can adjust in any setting and environment and have a flair to work with people of varied temperaments. I have always maintained a very positive attitude which has always allowed me to reach my personal goals and get through any obstacles along the way.

What are your favourite things about working for 9?

I love the atmosphere of this place; it really makes me enjoy coming into work every single day. A little can go a long way and 9 Group provides staff with free lunches, regular social events, a fun environment and is always really responsive to the needs of their employees. This place is full of smiles and laughter and it just makes your day at work far more enjoyable when you are always greeted with a smiling face, along with good conversations and good times. People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing and this place shows it!

What advice can you give someone looking to be successful in business life?

Success doesn’t just happen overnight, and this doesn’t just relate to business but all aspects of your life. Consistency is the key to success. Consistency leads to habits. Habits form the actions we take every day. Action leads to success. It’s the small empowering habits and rituals we build every single day that will keep you focused and determined and slowly reach your goals. You should simply want more for yourself – be hungry for success.

Tell us a little bit about you as a person

I’m a fun, energetic and positive individual who loves to rave! I really enjoy listening and dancing to great music. I’m a thrill seeker with a love for travelling the world and seeking new experiences that will help me grow as a person and see the real beauty of life. I love good food and good company. I often try out new restaurants with my friends – I wouldn’t even mind a three hour drive to eat a good burger! I am a free spirit who lives in the moment and makes the most of each day.

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