Your own toilet or your devices?


Let’s be honest, us Brits love our home comforts. From our favourite tea bags, to having our heating temperature and schedule nailed, it’s the little things that make us feel more at home.

A recent study has shown what exactly it is that makes us feel so at home. Heading up the list is the obvious, the one thing you cannot take with you anywhere, even if you really wanted to, your bed! We’ve all experienced the cheap mattresses that feel like they’re filled with rocks and sticks and there’s always the ‘how many other people have slept here’ thought.

But it’s not just our beds that we seem to love. It’s access to our devices that also warms our hearts. Coming in at number ten is our laptops, tablets and computers that have us longing for our favourite place. That’s only one place behind having your own toilet. We really are obsessed!

Reliable broadband is also sky-high on our list. We just want to be able to post our activities on social media, is that too much to ask?!

The report also asked hotels what they can do to make staying away from your humble abode homelier and free Wi-Fi was the most popular request. So, what does this say about our habits if we’re so obsessed with our technology?

Let us know what you makes you feel at home!

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