Inspiring diversity

Louise Abbey

Louise Abbey, Head of Customer Marketing, discusses how the team at 9 has been leading the charge towards a more diverse workplace.

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There is overwhelming evidence that diversity leads to greater profits. In the ICT sector, those who are embracing diversity at all levels are winning by welcoming new voices and fresh ideas to the table. Their inclusive approach leads to innovation, which is fundamental for future success in the ICT space.

That business leaders and managers could also steer a course that leads to broader benefits for the local community is a given. Leaders in our channel can positively contribute to a more inclusive society by recruiting and empowering marginalised groups. The ethical argument is strong enough on its own, but when coupled with the proven positive financial impact that diversity can deliver, it’s a no brainer. Businesses with staff from a wide range of backgrounds are proven to outperform firms with a less diverse workforce.

9 Group’s pledge to boost diversity and inclusion became public knowledge when it hosted a round table discussion on the matter in association with Comms Dealer in May 2018. The debate was inspired by 9 Group CEO James Palmer, a D&I champion, who showed that it is crucial for such initiatives to infiltrate the whole organisation.

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