Keeping your devices squeaky clean

Cleaning phone

There’s been a lot of talk lately around, what did you do before the pandemic that you think is pretty gross now? Well, what about how often we cleaned our devices…if ever?

It’s definitely something we’re going to be more mindful of, so we’ve done some research on how to keep your devices as clean as possible!


1 – The safest option available is alcohol wipes, especially for your mobile – this is advised by brands like Apple and Google. Before cleaning, turn your phone off and avoid any openings like the speaker etc. It’s advised you clean daily to keep germs at bay.


2 – Don’t forget your case! Use a similar cleaning technique to the actual device, focusing on the corners, especially those acting as a purse too. Be careful with which products you’re using on certain materials too – you’ll need something different from leather to silicone.


3 – Use the same methods across all devices. Your laptop, tablet and keyboard will all be gathering germs too, so make sure you give them a good regular clean!


What else will you be changing in a post-pandemic world, that you’re surprised we did before, or never did?

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