Make a splash this Summer

Flowers in a field

Summer – a time for unlimited ice creams, annual leave, scorching sun (sometimes) and…a really great deal?

It’s a wonderful season which provides the perfect opportunity and theme for your upcoming campaigns.

Our Marketing team has put together some inspirational tips for you to make the most of your Summer campaigns over the rest of the holidays.

Host an eventĀ 

With the recent great weather, you could host your own Summer event – BBQ, fundraise or maybe even climb a mountain. Whatever you do, invite your customers along and get to know them. Building on that relationship will be key.

Competition timeĀ 

Launch a competition with a Summer twist. It’s the season of annual leave, the perfect time to give away some holiday vouchers! But don’t forget your aim of this competition – do you want to heighten engagement? increase your website visitors? gather feedback? Keep ROI front of mind.

Make an offer

Why not introduce a sale or offer which is limited to just the Summer? This gives you the perfect theme to base your sale around and a chance to have some fun with it. The great thing about Summer campaigns is the visuals that you can create to accompany it.

A helping hand

If none of the above suit your business, maybe offer some top tips or advice to your customers. You may have seen some wacky trends on staying cool in the heat? Share them! Keep it playful but also relevant, you want to add value to your customers.

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