Margin in Voice and Data – What you should expect from a service provider

Adam presenting

Without doubt, Margin In Voice & Data is one of the most important events in the industry and 9 is proud to be a top-level sponsor.

At the event, Adam Cathcart and Louise Abbey took to the stage to share examples of how 9 can help partners to increase margin.

MIVAD sponsorship

The demise of the 3 Ps

Products, portals and pricing are pretty much the same across the channel. It’s really tough for service providers to differentiate themselves based on one of these factors.

So, what’s really important to partners and how can a service provider deliver genuine value? 

Adam and Louise concluded that ultimately, partners want to increase margin and deliver a real step change to their business. 9 supports this through offering business advice and support, through providing access to great people and by helping partners to create new business opportunities.

At the event, Adam and Louise delved into a few examples of how 9 has supported partners in these areas in recent months. Marketing support was identified as a clear value-add for partners, with social media being highlighted as an area where more support is needed.

9 takes a totally personalised approach to marketing support. Every project begins with a consultation – simple questions help 9’s Marketing team to understand what the partner’s goals are and how they can help to provide genuine support that will deliver results and ultimately increase margin.

An example of recent work include a project where 9’s marketing team collaborated with a partner to rebrand their organisation – their logo had become tired and hadn’t stood the test of time. They approached an agency and were quoted a five figure sum for the work – it’s tough to justify that kind of spend when you can’t clearly state what the ROI will be. 9’s marketing team used their design resource to create a new visual identity for the partner, which was launched a few months ago. The fresh look better reflects their organisation and has helped to improve their perception with customers.

If you would like to hear more examples of how 9 break beyond the 3 P’s to deliver advice and support, please just get in touch. The team would love to hear from you – or