Monitoring productivity


With the temptation of the internet being at your staff’s fingertips, do you know how much of your bandwidth is be being consumed by personal use?

You may be experiencing slow speeds as a result of staff using their devices for checking their social media and surfing the internet. This is not only affecting your internet speeds, but also your business’s productivity. We can help you to monitor the activity of your staff’s internet usage throughout the day using a firewall, which at the same time will protect your business.

It’s possible to restrict the sites your employees can visit. For example, the HR team can have access to recruitment sites, while the rest of your employees can be restricted and only the Marketing team are able to access to social media sites. If you prefer not to restrict sites, you can choose to measure individual employees’ internet usage to monitor if any employees are taking advantage of the access.

You can also block remote access to the company server for devices when they’re not on-site. This can reduce the risks of threats on devices on different WiFi networks and also minimise the risk of a GDPR breach.

As a fundamental security requirement, you will be able to block unauthorised content and keep cyber threats at bay. By denying access to your network you can reduce the risk of viruses and malware attacks.

Talk to us to find out how a firewall can help you monitor your business’s efficiency and protect your data assets in the process.

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