My first few weeks at 9

Lady at computer

Fresh out of University I joined 9 as a Digital Marketing Executive after graduating from the University of the West of England with a BA (HONS) Marketing. During my time at Uni, I completed a year in industry placement which really helped me enhance my knowledge and experience, preparing me for the role here at 9!

I began my first week at 9 with some time to settle into my new, fully equipped desk. Once I was comfortable and all the standard computer admin tasks were completed I was welcomed into Marks office (Marketing Director). He gave me a complete overview of the company and a full history of 9 group as well as explaining the products and services that 9 offer and the exciting Marketing plan for 2017.

For the first few weeks I was definitely a deer in headlights, completely surrounded by acronyms and industry jargon! It has taken a while to get my head around the world of telecommunications but at the end of week two I am beginning to get there (with thanks to an acronym cheat sheet!).

Tasks for the first two weeks included creating various communications, producing e-shots, exploring digital analytics, social media posting, writing copy and creatively contributing to various meetings. I was also introduced to all the great online sales and marketing tools that 9 use, including Pardot, Salesforce and WordPress to name a few.

My first few weeks at 9 have absolutely flown by! I have already learnt so much about the industry and within the Marketing department. I have been given a warm welcome by everyone here at 9 and am looking forward to what the future brings!