One small thing to support your mental health

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In support of World Mental Health day earlier in the month, we wanted to reach out to our customers to understand what they do to improve their mental health each day.

So we joined Mind and their campaign called ‘do one thing’. Whether it’s going for a walk, learning a new skill, doing something creative, or taking the first steps to get support for yourself – do one thing for better mental health.

We had an incredible response back and were blown away with how open people were to share their thoughts and experiences with us – it’s so important to open up the conversation around such an important topic!

Since we had such an amazing response, we really want to share them with you (anonymously of course) – because you never know who it may help.

So see below a selection of small things you can do each day to support your mental health and please feel free to share your thoughts with us! We’d love to develop the collection.

“Taking time out of everything and making some time for myself. It’s a walk over the coastal path near me appreciating the surroundings. It’s a trip to a pub where you know nobody for a quiet pint to watch the world go by. It’s just a bit of ‘me time’.”

“The ‘one thing’ that I do is take my dog for a walk and take the time to really notice nature. I breathe deeply and look up at the sky, the cloud or the trees and listen to the birds or the waves.”

“The ‘one thing’ we do to help with our mental health is SMILE.”

“Good quality sleep!”

“Daily exercise of some description – be it a good walk, jog, visit to the gym or home workout session.”

“Switch off all notifications on my phone.”

“Colour in my art therapy adult colouring book.”

“Listen to Music.”

“Writing and counselling! It’s important to talk about how we feel and get everything out. It’s a great way to understand how you feel and practice self-care.”


“I try to do something sporty everyday whether running, Vinyasa Yoga, Body Balance, Tennis or Body Balance. I firmly believe in ‘healthy body, healthy mind, because we’re all stuck in front of our monitors for too long every day!”

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