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Are the stresses of a low a low data allowance whilst being on the move disappearing?

With the increasing number of public WiFi connections throughout the UK increasing rapidly, you can literally be online, all the time.

Whether you’re visiting your hairdresser, local coffee shop or even waiting for your tyres to be fitted, you expect a WiFi connection to be readily available to make your experience that little bit better. But do you offer this service to your customers?

Public WiFi in your organisation

You can reap the benefits when you’re on the move but you can also share a connection with your customers. Sharing a public WiFi connection in your organisation can bring a number of really great benefits.

Shout about your company – Your log-in page (Also known as a landing page) on your public WiFi connection offer an opportunity to run promotional content, showcase your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Quickly does it – Offer your customers a really fast connection so the dreaded buffer is no more. Help them be more efficient through staying connected.

Gain an insight – Did you know that each public connection your customers and guests make gives you an opportunity to collect valuable data. This data helps you gain insight into your customer base and their behaviours.

Sounds great, but it is safe?

With public WiFi becoming a necessity and now the norm, are we actually safe when connected? Our data is increasingly threatened and the need to keep it protected is paramount.

With this type of WiFi being ‘public’ brings risks, of course, but we can help keep your offering secure. We understand the importance of data protection and keeping your customers safe, so put this at the heart of what we do with increased security and relevant filters.

Keep your customers happily connected by providing them with a secure, quick and easy offering.

Want to find out more? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you

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