Online billing with 9


Online billing allows you to view your invoices from anywhere, 24/7.

Many of our customers are now working from home – this provides a simple way to view your bills without having to handle post.

If you sign up to online billing we can arrange for a copy to be sent in the post as well. Or, you can use this as an opportunity to stop your paper bills and save money.

Email or telephone 0800 970 2999.

Our portal comes with a whole list of benefits

  • Access 24/7 – you’ll be able to access everything at anytime
  • Your latest 13 invoices will be available to view, including all call data such as duration and cost
  • Download invoices as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet
  • You can view a list of available CLIs (Calling Line Identity). Or if you’d prefer, a CLI name can be added – this is usually preferred for CCTV, lift or alarm use
  • You will also be able to group CLIs by site, meaning the invoice will show charges per site as well as the total for all sites
  • View and report on current unbilled traffic
  • Set up alerts to assist in the monitoring of telephone misuse