Phone System Maintenance – Half Price

Maintenance solutions

How would your business fare if your phone system stopped working? What would be the impact on your customers and how many of them may choose to do business elsewhere in the future if they could not contact you for an extended period?

In much the same way as the modern motor car has become less prone to roadside breakdown, or even the requirement for a starting handle, it is highly likely that your phone system is now a modern software driven device, possibly taking up less space than an office printer. However, just like the modern car, the requirement for regular maintenance is still incredibly important and best left to the professionals.

At 9, we work alongside the industry’s leading names including; Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic and Unify. Our fully vendor accredited engineers can make sure that you keep your software and handsets in good working order to guarantee that your phone system delivers all the benefits that a modern office requires. By having your system checked regularly, we can advise on how the many features which modern phone sytems can provide could help your business and also minimise any risks arising from the increased incidence of telecom fraud.

In the event of a problem, our highly skilled engineers will have you sorted out and working again in the shortest possible time. All of this peace of mind can be yours without any need to crank up your costs too, because during September and October, 9 will be offering customers the opportunity to sign up to one of our system maintenance programmes, while saving of up to half the cost of any competitor agreement. A range of plans are available, with the top of the range offering complete 24/7/365 cover and a 4 hour response time.

To find out more, please contact the friendly people at 9 by calling 0800 970 2999, or sending an email to