Purple Partner Programme – Marketing Support

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The Purple Partner Programme is all about providing you with value, support and freedom to sell. By taking advantage of the wide range of benefits available to you as a PPP member, the financial savings, as well as the time you’ll save, quickly add up.

Helping partners be Free to Perform

Free to Perform is all about allowing our Partners to focus on what they are good at – growing their business – by helping and supporting them operationally and with Marketing. 

Purple Partners who demonstrate increased commitment in terms of portfolio breadth and revenues can benefit from dedicated Marketing support. We provide bespoke campaigns to help Partners make the most of opportunities in the channel.

A winning team

Our Marketing team exists to support channel Partners. We want our Partners to feel valued and supported, plus we want to help them drive sales.

At our purple corner in 9’s HQ, lives a fantastic set of creative Marketing resources. We have a really strong team in place, with all bases covered from creative copy writers to talented designers, commercial wizards, website designers, social media experts and digital gurus. Partners who demonstrate commitment to 9 are free to tap into this knowledge and expertise.

A personalised approach

Lots of service providers offer Marketing support through a portal – it’s a fairly standard thing. Many of you will be familiar with the approach where you can place your logo on the top of a Marketing PDF, or send pre-packaged emails out through a portal to a list of leads. Your brand is too precious to play second fiddle and your requirements are unique – how can a one size fits all approach work for all?

We take a totally personalised approach to the Marketing support we provide. We always start with a face to face consultation – we simply ask our Partners to tell their story. What are your pain points, what are you great at, how can we help you? We take all of this information back to base and produce the goods that give our Partners what they need.

Our campaigns deliver results. I’m quite direct about that. I know that if Partners implement the campaigns and materials we prepare, they will work. Our approach is tried and tested and we measure results through facts and figures.

revvd, 9’s new digital Marketing brand

We identified an opportunity in the channel where Partners could benefit from digital Marketing support. Few channel Partners are really pushing the boundaries with these techniques and there’s a huge opportunity for early adopters to achieve great results.

Our colleague, talented digital marketer Phil Cooper, manages 9’s revvd brand. He’s working with a number of Partners to design new websites, boost web traffic through search engine optimisation and to drive sales through pay per click.

A lot of these activities are viewed as a dark art, but we are doing things differently. Phil is fantastic at what he does. He’ll visit you to find out about your business, what makes you tick and what your business challenges are.

To find out how our Marketing team can help you be Free to Perform, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


Louise Abbey, Head of Customer Marketing

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