Smart vision

Smart contact lens

How far can we really take the ‘Smart’ trend? We have smartphones, home appliances, watches, lighting, doorbells, and now eyes. Technology is truly thriving. But what if we mention smart contact lenses?

Augmented reality whilst correcting your sight – apparently the future is now.

BBC recently reported on Mojo Vision, the company revealing its latest lens which connects with your wearable devices and accesses the internet via your smartphone. So, you can physically monitor your heartrate and speed through your lenses, with your usual prescription.

Watch more here.

Development of a second lens is also underway, which includes night vision and edge detection (image processing technique). We didn’t think we needed this until now – no more carrots for us.

We want to know your thoughts! How far are you taking the smart trend? Would you wear these lenses? Let us know on LinkedIn, Twitter, or send us an email.

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