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London Waterloo commuters told not to travel due to engineering delays

Passengers were warned not to travel on some of the busiest rail routes in England this week, with textbook ‘overrunning engineering works’ cited as the cause of major delays.

Many were unable to reach their workplace that day – an unexpected and costly outcome for a Monday.

The cost of travel disruptions like these can be significant, with many businesses suffering financial and operational loses, which pose a real threat to their business.

How can you ensure that it’s ‘business as usual’, even if the unexpected happens?

With the UK’s infamous wintery weather fast approaching, factors such as floods, snow and ice will undoubtedly have an impact on travel. Preparing a business continuity plan will make all the difference when it comes to responding to unexpected incidents like these. Start by identifying key functions of your organisation, highlighting the critical areas which need to be protected. For example:


Accessing data and information

Customer communications

Internal communications


“I can help your teams to work seamlessly and share information, wherever they are and I can also make sure that your customers can speak to you when they need to.”

Stay connected

Modern hosted telephone solutions can help you to communicate clearly with whoever you need to, wherever you are. They are a vital component of business continuity plans and can enable your business to deliver the resilience you require when the unexpected happens.

Hosted telephony solutions mean that your staff can easily work from home, or on the move, using a desktop or mobile application. They can pick up calls to their extension number, with the quality of voice you’d expect if they were sat at their desk.

You maintain all the control you would if they were in the office – so features like call recording and security aren’t compromised. If your customer service agent is stuck at home, their calls will still feed through to wallboards and you can keep a close track of their activity from your laptop.

eve – exceptional voice everywhere

eve is an intelligent hosted IP telephony service that helps you and your staff to communicate clearly with whoever you need to, wherever you are. To find out more about how eve can help your business communications run like clockwork, even when the unexpected happens, get in touch. Email

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