Stay Cyber-Safe

Digital transformation

We live in a time where there are now more devices than people, which is a crazy thought. But with most people owning a phone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch and maybe further smart technology, it really isn’t as shocking as it initially seems.

With this change in our environment comes a change in the way we should approach our security when online. But don’t worry, that’s where 9 can help!

Mobile security

Using your mobile doesn’t just mean making calls or dropping a quick text anymore. You can access so much through this one device. Download apps, browse the web and even shop, but that also means your risk is much higher too.

We can help keep your phones safe and guarded.

Cloud security

Making technology available to your business no matter what size, location or budget. Cloud security offers an affordable solution with a host of benefits. But be mindful that this new technology doesn’t rid malware, hacking or other cyber crimes by itself.

Offering protection to keep you secure in many situations. 

Staff security

When you think of cyber-security, you may instantly think of firewalls and virus protection software. But have you ever considered teaching your staff about modern day cyber threats? – We’ve put together some tips to help keep your workforce safe and increase their cyber-security knowledge, click here to read. 

Talk to us to find out how we can provide you with the tools to stay cyber-safe.

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