Thank you, Charlie!


9 realises the importance of staff wellbeing. In our Luton office we worked with a Personal Trainer, Charlie, who offered health, nutrition and exercise advice to staff.

We recognise that working in an office means lots of sitting down and not much moving around, so we wanted to do something to ensure 9 employees have more opportunity to be active. In light of that, Charlie was brought in to support the 9 team and to help to motivate them to achieve their personal goals.

Charlie spent some time in the office each Wednesday, where staff could drop in and ask him questions around health, wellbeing and fitness. Whether it was help with a diet plan, or requesting videos where Charlie would demonstrate exercises and their personal fitness goals.

Whether staff wanted support to simply be healthier, know what kind of foods would work for them, or have access to healthy recipes, Charlie could offer that support. He also helped set-up an internal Facebook page where he would post videos of how to exercise from the comfort of your own home.

We also invested in a spin bike room where staff can take a break from sitting at their desks or hold meetings while exercising and it’s proved to be a hit!

Congratulations Charlie for securing your new role, we hope to see you round soon.

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