The evolution of service


Technology is changing the way we work, Millennials will command the workforce by 2020 and everyone wants to work anywhere and from any device!

These huge, broad statements dominate just about every business news feed I read these days. Of course technology is changing the way we work – that’s the whole point, right? 

But how does remote working affect the service you should expect from your tech supplier?


Work from anywhere, support from anywhere

It’s no secret that the IT world continues to transform at breakneck speeds. The story isn’t so different in the telecom space. Cloud based technology is paving the way for a happy IT and telecom union, which is great news for you, as a customer.

With a clear trend for more and more IT and telecom solutions living in the cloud, there are plenty of benefits to be glad of – it’s an efficient, neat and cost effective way to consume services.

A less considered change is that you may not see as much of your friendly engineer. That’s not to say they won’t still be there – fighting your corner and delivering great service, but this time … remotely. Modern technology enables them to live the ‘work from anywhere’ dream too!


Remote fixes

With technology on our side, we can respond even more quickly, as our engineers can access customers’ systems with just a few mouse clicks.

We recruit a real blend of engineers here at 9. Some were “born in the cloud”, others are, shall we say, more seasoned – they lived through the REAL digital transformation!

Our healthy balance gives our customers access to a really broad spectrum of support. After all, our customers want different things. In a direct reflection of our engineering team, some customers are cloud based and others prefer more traditional solutions.


There’s still a place for face to face

The days of our entire troop of engineers living a life on the road is almost a thing of the past. Many are desk based – poised and ready to provide support when you need it.

Our fleet remains mobilised and dotted right across the country though, ready to visit customers and resolve issues with a smile.

The type of support you can expect has changed, as technology dictates the way we work and the way you work. That’s not to say you should expect to see any compromise in the quality of service you receive from the team here at 9. We draw in the best engineers – the people who are utterly obsessed with the technologies they work with.

Whether you’re supported face to face, or remotely, the service will remain the best there is in this industry.