The impact of not being able to get to work


It’s essential you have a contingency established to keep your business going, come rain, snow, power outage, or unreliable public transport!

If you’re not in the premises to answer your customers’ calls, what does this mean for your reputation? The trust and reliability that you’ve built between your business and your customers is essential to maintain. If you’re not there when they need you the most, that relationship could be tarnished.

But it’s not all grey clouds of doom. All you need to do is establish a recovery plan.

We can help you to establish a disaster recovery plan when you can’t make it into work. Obviously, you can usually log in to find emails on your phone or a device at home. But you can manage incoming calls in the event of a disaster too.

Inbound Call Management allows you to have a pre-established number set up to route calls to if you can’t make it into your business premises. Meaning you can quickly redirect your business calls to a mobile, or even your home number in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to try and route calls from your business phone to another phone in the event of a disaster if you don’t have this pre-established. This can take up to a day or more if you leave it until disaster strikes, leaving your customers in the lurch.

You never need to have frustrated customers. You can simply deal with queries from home, building your reliability and out-doing your competitors.

Give us a call to find out what you can do to be prepared.


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