A visit to the colouring in department

Marketing department

Jack flew all the way from Glasgow to immerse himself in 9’s colouring in department this week. Fresh from the University of Strathclyde, Jack was keen to experience life in a lively, channel focussed team. We spent our time together swapping ideas and covered topics from design to planning, social media, digital and everything in between.

As luck would have it, Exsel had been shortlisted for a Comms Dealer Sales and Marketing award on the morning Jack arrived. 9 were shortlisted for three awards that day, so there was much to celebrate. Jack and the team quickly set to work, hatching a plan around how to share their news with the world.  Tweets were written, posts were published and blog posts went up that morning. It was perfect to have a real-life project the team could work on together.

We always tell partners that our marketing team’s diversity is our strength – each 9 Marketer has their own area of expertise. It was great to include Jack in our creative sessions and to show him how a team can thrive through pooling abilities and sharing ideas.

Jack was a true member of our colouring in department this week, so it felt only right to send him on his way with his lego likeness. Thank you, Jack!

It was great to go down and work alongside 9’s marketing team. Learning about how they approach different projects was a real eye-opener, and it was good to see the different materials I had available to me as a partner.

Jack as a Lego character

Looking for help with Marketing?

We’re fanatical about all things marketing and would happily spend hours talking through ideas and swapping notes on what works and what doesn’t. Our Purple Partner Programme is specifically designed to enable partners to tap into this obsession. We’re really approachable so just say hello. We might even make you in lego too.

The Marketing team