Vodafone plans to switch off 3G


It may sound like a brave move, but the plans allow Vodafone to invest more heavily into its 5G network. They have released a statement saying that they will switching off 3G because “the 3G band and what we get in return is not that efficient”.

Vodafone plans to launch its 5G services on 3rdJuly. They plan to use some of the 3G spectrum bands for 5G. So far there isn’t a specific date for the switch off, but it’s likely to be within the next few years.

Why aren’t they going to switch off 2G?

2G was initially launched to support encrypted phone calls, data services including SMS messages and to offer more users per frequency brand. Remember 2G? It seems many moons ago since this global phenomenon was in its prime. So, you may be wondering why they’re not starting with switching that off.

2G will serve another purpose in supporting the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart metres and other low capacity devices don’t need speed, but just to run along seamlessly in the background with no interference. This network will offer a service that’s “ticking away in the background” Vodafone has said.

Why not take a look at Vodafone’s video showing how 5G can pave the way for holographic calls.

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