What the future holds for on premise

Improving Efficiency

We’ve spoken to Rob Downes, Head of Solution Sales at 9 Group, about what the future holds.

Is there still a market for on premise telephone systems and how long will it survive?

There is still a market, for now, although the demand is shrinking and will naturally continue to diminish in the lead-up to 2025.

While we’re currently in an industrywide shift, we’re not there yet and some demand for on premise remains.

Why or why not is there a future for on premise telephony?

The demand is entirely customer driven but the shift to hosted needs to be Partner led. We are seeing more and more Partners take their customers on a journey by preparing them for 2025 and educating them about how hosted solutions can really benefit their business.

Will Internet connectivity ever be good enough to provide the Quality of Service voice communications demands?

This is where carriers are really placing their focus and massive strides have been taken. Again, customer education is key. We continue to see Partners demonstrate how demands on connectivity are increasing, which helps guide their customers to choose the best option for their business.

Do you foresee a time when all communications will be via mobile networks?

We’re en route to a time where users will have an entirely seamless experience when switching between fixed and mobile connectivity.  We’ll remain connected to a single network, regardless of location. This will really open the doors for true unified communications.

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