Where are they now: Phone Boxes


It’s fair to say that phone boxes are thing of the past. Their beautifully British, distinctive design and bright red colour ignites us with patriotism and is a fond attraction for holidaymakers.

BT’s ‘adopt a phone box for £1’ scheme has brought out the creative in lots of people. We all know of the village book shares and the more practical defibrillators, but what else are people snapping them up for?

As they can’t be adopted by businesses, the phone boxes are being used by communities of people who want to let their imaginations run wild. They’ve been used to create art galleries, Christmas advent calendars, internet cafés and perhaps most bizarre of all, a mini nightclub! You can view more on the Fodor’s Travel website.

We’d love to hear your weird and wonderful ideas, or see pictures of your favourite phone box creations. We’re just a bit confused as to why one hasn’t been made into a real-life TARDIS yet!

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