Working from home – what does it mean for your company?

Laptop on desk. Working from home

This seems to be a hazy area for many businesses. There’s still a stigma attached to working from home, established by bitter desk-based colleagues and untrusting managers. But the proof is in the pudding.

With blue-chip companies from Vodafone, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Dell and so many more choosing to offer working from home and flexible working hours, it’s only natural that in time other companies will have to follow.

Why? Simply because the best candidates will work for the best companies, companies that treat their employees with the respect and trust that in turn creates loyalty and commitment to that employer.

“But this role can’t be done from home”. We’ve all heard the echoing excuse of the traditional companies that are reluctant to take the leap, but the truth is that almost every office-based role can be carried out anywhere, thanks to new technology.

It’s now possible to access everything you need to do your day-job, from home, from the train, from anywhere. Communication and collaborative work doesn’t need to stop when a workforce leaves the office.

With cutting-edge technologies such as eve, you can access everything you need, from contacts, to the latest version of files, to your project tracker list, to the voicemails that came through to your desk phone.

Whether it’s a company benefit, or it’s a way to keep great employees who have new out of work commitments, every company needs to start thinking about how they can offer their staff a better work-life balance and more trust.

Those who feel valued will output much more than you could expect.

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