Choosing STEM


When you grow up you want to be an Actor, Fireman, Dancer, Astronaut…or Telecoms expert?

Recent figures from the Department of Education show that this is more realistic now than in previous years. There has been a significant rise in students signing up for science, technology, engineering and maths subjects since 2010 – also known as STEM. With an increase of more than 26% since 2010, it’s really great to see that young students are uncovering the excitement and growth in these areas for potential career prospects.

It’s also inspiring to see that girls are now much more likely to choose these types of subjects. Earlier this year, we spoke with some really impressive women in our industry to hear about their thoughts and advice for young professionals joining the industry. Take a look at them below.

This rise in STEM courses is fantastic and we’re excited to welcome a host of young professionals to the technology industry. Although, we understand that Telecoms can sometimes be tricky to understand for a new starter, so we regularly run an ‘Intro to Telecoms’ workshop throughout the year – completely free for PPP members! Take a look here to sign up to our next one.

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