COVID-19 Virus – Customer Support Update

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Hopefully you are keeping well and have been able to successfully navigate the latest COVID-19 restrictions on both a personal and professional level. Many of our customers were regrettably forced to close down, or work exclusively from home during the initial lockdown, but many of you are better able or allowed to remain fully operational this time, so I wanted to update you on how 9 will continue to offer you our support.

We have taken the decision to keep our office open, while protecting any vulnerable members of staff, who need to work from home in order to stay safe.  Our opening hours and contact details remain unchanged.  We do not anticipate the same increase in customer service calls that occurred during late March, as many of you are now very well prepared for new ways of working, but we are very much here to help, if you do need us.

A few key updates to be aware of:

Home working 

We have a range of solutions to help your business adapt to home working and retain inbound numbers and basic call handling capabilities. 

Please call us on 0800 970 2999 and select Option 3, to find out how we can keep your teams in contact with each other, suppliers and customers if you are working from home.

BT Openreach update

BT Openreach have issued a statement regarding a change in their service delivery for England, which will remain in place until Wednesday 2nd December, unless otherwise notified. 

Openreach will now work up to the termination point of any of their services to address a fault, but will only enter a customer’s premises in the event of a total loss of service, or to provision an order. Their engineers will continue to follow strict safety guidelines, including the wearing of face coverings, where mandated and respect any specific restrictions that are in place at customer sites.

Staying connected

We are in constant dialogue with all our upstream suppliers, including BT, Vodafone and O2. No service interruptions are expected, but we will continue to keep you informed if this changes.

Engineering support

The engineering team at 9 is continuing to support customers remotely, where practical, but we are still carrying out site visits, if these are essential.  Strict COVID-19 safety guidance and procedures will be in place. 

Get in touch

Regardless of the likely continuation of differing regional circumstances across the UK, we will continue to support you and ensure that you are kept up to date with any key developments.  Please stay safe and do call us, if you need our help.

Call 0800 970 2999 or email

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