Customer Feedback

Web chat and shiny new portals are all very well for enhancing customer experience, but at 9, we believe it is the people at the coal face who make the real difference

Working with the feedback form our annual survey, we have made it easier for customers to talk to us by changing our phone greeting menu and training staff members to be more able to own and resolve issues first time, which our customers really appreciate.

By taking root cause analysis seriously and reviewing regularly amongst the management team, we have been able to drive out gremlins and avoid the repeat errors which customers find irritating.

Better never stops however and our process of listening and continual improvement gives us confidence that the next customer survey will show how much difference the changes we are making have really made.

9 Group helped us to switch to a new VOIP system. Their team was very helpful and efficient. The installation process was as painless as possible and the new system works really well.

Ed Bankes, Cog Design

82% of calls answered in three rings icon.

The technician who assisted was easy to contact, returned all my calls and emails, and thoroughly tested everything was up and running. As a customer, I feel 100% satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend 9 Group.

Alex Bennett

40 mins average response time icon

Excellent service from Luke, recommend 9 over BT every time.

Jayne, Stockport Golf Club

98% of faults responded to within SLA's icon

I would like to express how helpful and friendly the employees at 9 have been during this transition.

Bridget, Paul Riches Skips

98% of faults fixed remotely icon

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