Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year

We’ve been speaking to our crowned Employee of the Year, Holly Lister, to find out how it feels to be rewarded with such a title alongside a day’s leave, a meal for two and a bottle of bubbly!

How long have you been at 9?

I joined 9 around two and a half years ago, but my role has changed a lot since then. Starting as a Purchase Ledger Clerk and through a couple of different roles along the way, I have worked my way up to Financial Accountant.

9 has given me a lot of experience in so many different areas of the Finance department and I’ve had a hand in most of them at some point. That’s what I really love about my job, every day is completely different and challenging, but I’ve always been someone to thrive in that situation.

You may not always know how to do something at first, but you can find a way to get it done if you try hard enough.

How does it feel to be awarded Employee of the Year?

It’s an honour to be picked, but a huge surprise!

I really didn’t expect it at all, so it’s really nice to have been chosen out of everybody. It feels like a big thank you for all my hard work. And since I already find my job rewarding, it’s an added bonus.

In my job I’m always able to help other people and that’s what I enjoy most.

What are your favourite things about working at 9?

The ever-changing environment. Things never get stagnant as there is always innovation and development throughout the business, which changes your daily working life.

In addition, the effort that is made for things like these employee awards or staff events always go above and beyond the level of thanks you would expect as an employee. It really makes you feel appreciated.

And most importantly, the people I work closely with make every day a joy.

What would be your piece of advice in becoming successful?

A positive outlook on life as a whole, not just at work is what I consider most important.

I see no gain on dwelling on the bad days that life can bring, instead appreciate the good ones even more. And that’s the same attitude I bring to work each and every day.

I opt for a view that there is nothing that can’t be solved, no matter how difficult it appears. When you apply yourself to a task that challenges you it is so much more rewarding when you succeed. Sometimes you have to ask for help to get there, but there’s no shame in admitting that.

At 9, I think it’s often likely that tasks come your way which you wouldn’t ordinarily consider to be a part of your daily role, but embracing them and finding solutions brings so much satisfaction.

Tell us a little about yourself…

My biggest passion outside of work is cooking. I’m always reading one of my huge collection of cookbooks and planning the next dish to trial. My favourite thing is to bring happiness through cooking for other people.

My ideal weekend is heading off in our campervan with my husband and our Springer Spaniel to the most beautiful and remote destination we can find. We love the slow pace of camping, not knowing where you might stop off next – and if there’s a woodland to explore, the dog will be happy too!

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