Website Surgery

Offering one to one sessions to review your website and guide you to making it your most effective sales tool.

During the session, you will receive an in-depth review of your website, which will cover:

  • Any technical issues hindering your website’s visibility.
  • How is your website currently perceived by Google?
  • How to create a content strategy that could grow your online presence.
  • What are your local competitors doing well that we can learn from?
  • Which off-site tools are free and available to boost your visibility.

You will leave brimming with ideas and excited to optimise your website! Sign up today.

Location Date Link
The Hub, Stonehouse, GL10 3UT 26/03/2020 Visit Website
The Hub, Stonehouse, GL10 3UT 23/04/2020 Visit Website
The Hub, Stonehouse, GL10 3UT 26/05/2020 Visit Website

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