Get Carlos home for Christmas


Partner Business Manager, Carl Graham is launching a fantastic charity initiative, which we’re really excited to get behind!

Carl will be running a shocking 120 miles on the treadmill from the 1st to the 24th December. This equates to the same distance between our two offices – Luton and Stonehouse (minus the traffic!). Carl has chosen the incredible charity, Mind, to raise money throughout his journey.

Why such a challenge?

Carl is a keen runner, who has been completing marathons for a few years now, including two London Marathons! We’ve spoken to Carl to find out why he’s taking on this challenge and in particular, why Mind.

During the first lockdown, I knew a few people who really suffered with their mental health and it really struck a chord. When Boris announced the second lockdown, I decided to set myself a challenge to keep my mind fresh and healthy. The challenge itself was to run 5k every working day during lockdown which equated to around 101km. I have recently completed this challenge (104km) with a week to spare and thought, what can I do to keep up the momentum through December?

This was when I decided to challenge myself to a Christmas themed challenge called “Get Carlos Home for Christmas” which entails me running 120 miles on a treadmill from the 1st December to the 24th December.

This works out at just over 8km per day for 24 days (my biggest challenge yet) and I thought that raising money for Mind would be a great way to keep me motivated, but also a chance to give something back to a charity that’s helped so many people out during this year.

We’re right behind you Carl! If you’d like to donate and help get Carlos home for Christmas, click this link –

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