Halloween at 9


At 9, we have a yearly tradition around Halloween – our spooky ‘desk-up’ competition! And this year definitely did not disappoint.

We ran the competition in two of our offices and each pod was completely transformed, with 100% effort from every team – it’s evident that we’re all extremely competitive.

Our Stonehouse office included a cemetery, escape room style crime scene, day of the dead and even Brexit day (no comment) – pictures can be seen below.

And the winner was…Virtual Office in their fully decorated day of the dead themed cemetery, including themed snacks! Close runners up were the Marketing team with a gory crime scene creation with genius escape room game.

Our Luton office was taken over by zombies, ghouls and even Spiderman! Winners were the reigning champions for two years – Customer Relations with their disturbing zombie creation and full costumes.

We’ve heard plans already starting for next year…

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