Helping Hearts


You may have seen our recent campaign on the back page of Comms Dealer – we’ve been working with a number of our close Partners who spend their spare time doing some pretty unique and remarkable activities.

From Gary and his bar, Paddy flying helicopters, to Amy helping the homeless – their talents, heart and creativity really have no boundaries.

We most recently worked with Amy Mitchell, owner and MD of TinCan Comms. Amy spends a lot of her spare time helping the homeless through local organisation, Helping Hearts Wolverhampton. We wanted to showcase this in Amy’s ad feature and the incredible women of Helping Hearts were also more than happy to take part in our campaign. So, we really wanted to do something to say a huge thank you.

Over the past month, we ran a collection for Helping Hearts in our Stonehouse HQ, where staff would bring in donations for the charity to distribute. We collected confectionary, bottled water, juice, warm clothing, toiletries, crisps and so much more!

With thanks to the 9 Group staff, we were able to present our collection to Amy and Alex (Business Development Manager, TinCan Comms) when they visited the Hub for our Intro to Telecoms event last month.

Amy standing next to 9 Group donations

Find out more about Amy’s story here. 

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