Homeworking Hacks


We’ve all definitely had to adapt quite dramatically over the past few months when it comes to being able to work from pretty much anywhere – but what has been your absolute must-have when working from home, or your favourite office motivation? 

We’ve spoken to a few of our colleagues across the business to find out what has helped them stay motivated at home, or a top tip that has helped them since returning to the office. 

Despite being lucky enough to already have a great office set up at home, I really struggled with back, neck, and shoulder pains during the work from home period. My physio said that it was as a result of sitting in the same position for hours on end, so encouraged me to take regular breaks when practical.

So, making myself a cup of tea, taking phone calls stood up were a few of the small changes, which has made a significant difference!

James Carroll
Managing Director

Since returning to the office, I’ve found that continuing my lunchtime walks has really helped to clear my head and get my steps up from sitting down all day – it also helps that the office is located in the countryside!

Olivia Rawson
Senior Marketing Executive

I used to buy a coffee on my way into work each day, so working from home landed me with a Costa Coffee withdrawal.

My husband suggested we invest in our own coffee machine – this was a saviour when working from home! And even now when I’m back in the office, I can prepare a cup at home and save around £50 per month!

Renalda Nikitina
Billing Manager

I regularly worked from home before lockdown, but before the rest of the family weren’t at home, let alone studying at home too. Be aware that on your video conference call, your children may simply wander into the room and turn the noisy printer on, or even wave to those in the call!

Returning to the office has been a worry for our family as we continue to be extremely careful – verging on neurotic – to protect our youngest child.  I spoke to as many people as I could to gauge their experience and how the Covid-19 measures were working in practice.  By speaking to people, you reduce the risk of breaking the rules (when in Rome…) and I was also able to brief the family on the precautions in place to reduce anxiety. I am delighted with the way that 9 have set up to free me up to perform.

Paul Buckle
Head of Customer Data

One thing which helps me whilst working from home is a change in scenery – whether this is moving rooms or sitting outside after lunch (if the weather allows!). It really helps me have a little reset and refresh, ready for the afternoon.

Alex Nutting
Database Developer

I started working from the dining room table, but with my boyfriend working from home and kids in the house, it wasn’t too practical! So, during lockdown I painted the outbuilding and created my own little office, with zen décor and relaxing music. Every morning I would get ready as if I was coming into the office and took my own lunch to ensure I wouldn’t get into bad habits! I also had the lovely company of one of my cats each day, which always helps.

Penny Jeeves
PA to MD and SD

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